Meet My Network

The famous African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  In fact, I believe no “GREAT” person is completely self-sufficient…and I refuse to settle for meerly being “GOOD.”  As I go throughout life, I aim to continue to broaden my team… to grow my village.  And who am I to keep such valuable individuals to myself.

I am proud to introduce the network of individuals who are incremental building blocks to my success.  I urge you to reach out and investigate each and every one of them.



Ascent Fitness

Indoor Virtual Cycling, Spinning, and Group Fitness

Edward Raudez – Personal Trainer/Endurance Specialist

Founder and Owner of:

Elev8 Houston and TriFitness

Epilepsy Foundation

Keith Klien, CN, CCN – Clinical Nutritionist

Owner of:

The Institute of Eating Management

Michele Williams – Registered Massage Therapist

Owner of:

Scentuary Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

For all my fitness competitors out there…MEET MY GLAM SQUAD:

Amy Robinson

Co-Owner, Head of Competition Wear Dept at

Stakked Couture

Ashton Harris

Contract Make-up Artist

Body Brushed

Spray Tanning

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