Ascent Fitness Lean For Halloween Challenge

IzzyMo Meals is proud to announce its collaboration with Ascent Fitness!

All weekly LEAN FOR HALLOWEEN packages include 1 lunch and 1 dinner.  (Click here for more details on the LEAN FOR HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE starting October 4th!)  Feel free to view my Instagram page (@isaure_elizabeth) for mouth savoring images of IzzyMo Meals.

How it works:

All meals are customized for the individual, so feel free to pick and choose what items belong in your individual boxes.

Prices are based on amount of PROTEIN .  All meals include 1/2 cup (2-2.5oz)  serving of vegetables and 1/2 cup (2-2.5oz) of carbs.   Upon request, the amount of vegetables and carbs can be increased or decreased WITHOUT affecting prices.

When placing order, please include:

  • Name
  • Package
  • Items within each customized meal (one protein plus carbs and/or veggies.  Feel free to ask for additional carbs/veggies, it will not effect your price)


SMALL Package 1:  10 x 4oz Meals – $60.00

SMALL Package 2:  14 x 40z Meals – $84.00

LARGE Package 3: 10 x 6oz Meals – $80.00

LARGE Package 4: 14 x 6oz Meals – $112.00

Snacks are sold separately for $5ea.



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