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IzzyMo Fitness - One on One Personal Training Sessions


Join my fitfam and I at 6:30am MONDAY-FRIDAY at LevelOne Fitness.

Come 1 day a week or all 5 for only $200/mo.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Workouts will be written on the board.

Tuesday, Thursday:

Workouts will be led by yours truly.

(I’m known for hopping in now and again.)

These workouts are not for the faint of heart.  You are promised a butt kicking, sweat dripping, high jumping, crawl-to-the car workout—but also a good laugh as well (because what’s the point if you don’t enjoy yourself, right?)

**Please note**

LevelOne Fitness has a $30/mo membership fee PLUS a one time $50 admin fee


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