Meet the IzzyMo Network

The famous African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  In fact, I believe no “GREAT” person is completely self-sufficient…and I refuse to settle for meerly being “GOOD.”  As I go throughout life, I aim to continue to broaden my team… to grow my village.  And who am I to keep such valuable individuals to myself.

I am proud to introduce the network of individuals who are incremental building blocks to my success.  I urge you to reach out and investigate each and every one of them.

IzzyMo Network: Ascent Fitness Indoor Virtual Cycling, Spinning, and Group Fitness

Ascent’s founder set out with one goal: to create a scientific method of fitness training that all levels of people can access. First class heart rate technology meets virtual reality in this unique spin studio in Houston. 

First class heart rate technology meets virtual reality in this unique spin studio in Houston.

Ascent’s wide range of classes and dedicated trainers are there to help challenge, and motivate each person. The Cycle & Lyft classes are an added benefit, allowing you to get your cardio and strength in on the same day.

IzzyMo Network: Level One Fitness

Level One Fitness is dedicated to bringing out the best you. 

Level One Fitness offers strength and conditioning body sculpt classes, designed to create a full body hard-core workout, rapidly increasing stamina, strength, and sculpts your body by working all the major muscle groups with proven exercises.

Or join one of the bootcamps that Level One offers, featuring intense body weight exercises, core work, stability training, cardio training, and explosive work. AnimalPaxx Bootcamp is CrossTraining merged Bootcamp, the ultimate express fitness fusion!

IzzyMo Network: Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation is an unwavering ally on the journey with epilepsy and seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation is  a community-based, family-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of all people impacted by seizures

The Epilepsy Foundation is here for you, whether you live with epilepsy, have a loved one with seizures, or have a desire to improve lives for people impacted by epilepsy. Their mission? To lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

IzzyMo Network: Institute of Eating Management

Keith Klien, CN, CCN
Clinical Nutritionist

The concept behind IEM is simple: to combine several multi-disciplinary approaches in order to help people overcome the obstacles often associated with weight loss.

This multi-disciplinary approach also covers those clients with a wide range of special nutritional needs, such as those suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and eating disorders. Keith’s vision for IEM was directed by three main influences: medicine, psychology and sports nutrition. 

For all my fitness competitors, meet the GLAM TEAM!!!

IzzyMo Network: Ascent Fitness Indoor Virtual Cycling, Spinning, and Group Fitness

Amy Robinson
Co-Owner, Head of Competition Wear Dept at Stakked Couture

Amy’s career as an artist began in 2008 when she began making posing suits for her own figure competitions. By 2009, other athletes had asked Amy to create posing suits for them as well so Amy created her own collection of competition wear that she began to sell online.

Today, Amy works directly with each athlete so she can personally design, create or over-see the production of each and every Stakked Couture posing suit & bikini.

Amy specializes in creating unique, custom designed suits that are available only at Stakked Couture. As an athlete, Amy is a break dancer and fitness competitor. She has 3 NPC Figure titles to her name and is a 2X Texas State Fitness Champion. Amy’s most recent contest was the 2012 Arnold Amateur International where she placed second. Amy is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

IzzyMo Network: A Touch of Infinity

Ashton Harris
Contract Make-up Artist

A Touch of Infinity is an independent makeup artist company birthed by Ashton Harris specializing in custom makeup styling for events and special occasions.

Ashton has worked in the beauty industry for 5+ years for many top brands including Clinique, Stila, Benefit, and Sephora cosmetics. Her specialties include weddings, graduation photos, parties, prom, dance and cheerleading competition, and pageants. She will also come to various locations in Houston, straight to her clients.

Ashton has been working in the makeup an skincare industry for 8 plus years. She has been privileged to give seminars and also to work with a large diverse group of clients and events.

Her main pride is delivering a quality service and superior look for whatever event you will be taking part in.

IzzyMo Network: Body Brushed - A Complete Bodybrush Solution

Body Brushed LLC, the Houston’s Complete Mobile Body Airbrushing Company is a unisex airbrushing body center, dedicated to excellence and quality in complete Airbrush Body Brushing. Their plethora of services includes Airbrush Tanning, Airbrush Tattoos, Airbrush Makeup and Airbrush Hair Highlights including many others. My Body Brushed is your complete one-stop shop for all body brushing solutions.

With an extensive experience in the industry since years, Body Brushed knows the art of using art and every stage of production is created with pride and dedication. Their artists are skilled in every kind of body art and have brushed various customers to satisfaction.

The equipment that they use are of exacting standards, and tested. All-in-all, they’ve embraced the standards of high quality body brushing that offers latest art and make-up schemes, skilled artists and explicit body design patterns that would give you a perfect loom of an elite star!